Introducing tuneUPGRADE, a music practice tracker!

Finding time to practice your instrument can be tough. Making the most of that practice can be even harder.

A while ago, I found myself having a few practice challenges.

  • I simply wasn't practicing enough
  • When I was practicing, I wasn't practicing long enough.
  • When I was practicing, I wasn't focused on the right things for the right amount of time. I just played whatever was fun, not what caused me to learn and grow as a musician.
Simple to fix, right? Just watch a clock, and plan a little better. Only watching the clock caused a big problem - it distracted my focus from my practice if I was glancing over every few minutes.

And so, tuneUPGRADE was born.

tuneUPGRADE simply helps you organize your practice and keep focus on the music, not the clock. On tuneUPGRADE, you can:

  • Design a practice routine and just hit 'go'. At that point, tuneUPGRADE tracks your time and tells you when it's time to move forward. You don't have to watch the clock, and you can keep yourself focused on your practice.
  • Take notes as you practice. Track your tempo, track difficult sections to work on, and leave yourself notes that automatically appear the next time you practice a song, letting you make the most of your practice time.
  • Set a weekly practice goal, and automatically track progress towards it, helping you reach your goal.
I've been personally using it for a few months, and the effectiveness of my practice has skyrocketed!

tuneUPGRADE is in beta and is free to sign up and use, with donations optional if you want to support the site - I pay out of pocket for the hosting and development costs today. I'd love to hear any feedback you have - drop me a note at [email protected]!

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