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January 2020 New Features & Updates!

Hi all! Here are the updates that went live in January. Song Tagging You can now tag your songs freely to help organize what you're working on, your exercises, and your repertoire. Tags can be added when creating or editing a song or exercise, and will display in various views across tuneUPGRADE. This was a major feature to add which I plan to continue to develop on top of - for example, being able to filter by tags and create smart songs leveraging tags, books, and other song data. Metronome A metronome has been added to the practice screen. Click the 'metronome' button to show or hide it. Tempo and beats per measure are stored along with your song, so the next time you practice, the metronome will remember what tempo you were last practicing at. Icon Sizes Icons have had sizes increased across the board to make mobile usage easier. Dashboard Change The pie chart on the dashboard has been replaced with a bar chart. I got plenty of feedback