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Feb/Mar 2020 New Features and Updates!

Hi all! I had a busy February so I hadn't gotten around to posting an update. I've made a few enhancements over the last two months, here are the details! Tag Filtering and Column Sorting Hopefully you've been using the new tag functionality rolled out in January, which lets you freely tag songs with metadata that makes sense to you. You can now click on tags to filter by them on the song list, making browsing for songs a little easier. Name and Artist can now be sorted on in the Songs list, both ascending and descending. Click on the column heading to sort and adjust the type of sorting. New Dashboard Graph On the homepage, you can now see a straightforward breakdown of songs by category (Exercises, Learning, Repertoire, and Open Practice). Open Jam Want to jump into practicing right away without creating a routine? Simply hit the Open Jam button on the Practice Routine list to start an informal practice session right away! Book Selector When