tuneUPGRADE now available as iOS and Android apps!

One of the most common features asked about initially was the ability to install tuneUPGRADE as a mobile app. Most users wanted this so they could run tuneUPGRADE in the background while using other apps on their mobile phone. This was tough to do when it's opened in a browser tab, and on iOS, the timer would even stop running!

In order to solve this quickly, tuneUPGRADE allows you to install as an app directly from the website itself.

Simply log in, navigate to your account, and select 'Install' on the left (alternatively, click here).

If you are on Chrome on Android, PC, or Mac, an installation button will be present. Click install to simply install tuneUPGRADE as an app.

If you are on Safari on iOS, on the 'Install' page, click the Share button, then 'Add to Home Screen'.

Now, when launched from the home screen, tuneUPGRADE will open as an app, allowing it to live outside of Chrome/Safari, and best of all, on iOS, the practice timer will run properly!

This is a brand new beta feature and feedback is wanted if you hit any trouble!

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